Silver Lining ZeeWorld Story Continued

– Along the line, Chetna falls extremely ill and her family
comes from America to take care of her. She is advised to
sell the orphanage by Revati and Girish (Sam’s parents).
Revati has a lot hatred for the orphanage, and the kids,
especially Isha, and looks for ways – Eventually Isha is framed up for writing love letters to
Arjun and then punished by Chetna. The true story of that
later comes out and as a result, Isha’s punishment is
reduced, and Chetna tells her to stay at Revati’s house and
teach Kuhu Hindi and Mathematics.
– Sometimes later Isha sets out to look for their father but
discovers the real truth behind their abandonment from
– Many attempts are made by Devki and Revati to sell the
orphanage but none succeeds.
– One day, Ira injures herself while skating, and is admitted
to the hospital. Isha is unable to pay the medical fees.
Revati assures Isha that she would pay for Ira’s operation on
the condition that Isha agrees to let Revati’s friends, Indrani
and Manoj, adopt Ira.
– Isha agrees as she realises that Indrani and Manoj would
give a much more comfortable and happier life to Ira.
Indrani, who is also very fond of Ira, donates her blood to
Isha intentionally behaves very rudely with Ira, and tells her
that she wishes Ira would leave her alone. Isha does this so
that Ira learns to stay away from Isha, and spends more
time with her new family instead.
– As many plans to sell the orphanage go in vain, Revati and
Devki realise that their last and only option is to burn the

– On the fifteenth anniversary of the orphanage, the children
celebrate Diwali. Indrani takes Ira to meet Isha as Ira is
upset over Isha’s behaviour towards her. The orphanage
catches fire. Isha, realising that Ira is still inside the
orphanage, runs in to save her. Isha is in dilemma as she
sees both Ira and Kuhu in danger.
– As she sees Sam running towards Ira to save her, she
saves Kuhu. This makes Ira think Isha chose Kuhu over her,
and is filled with hate and anger towards Isha.

Season 2: 10 years later.
Isha reaches Mumbai, to search for Ira. She joins a radio
station as a way to reach out to Ira. She is known there as
RJ Palak and goes by the name Palak. Still, She hopes and
prays Ira will listen to her and recognize her.
Ira grows up to be a rich and spoilt brat. However, there is a
humane side to her too. She grows up hating Isha because
she believes Isha chose Kuhu over her. Angry about her
past, Ira erases all memories of her childhood and even
assumes a new identity. She changes her name to Kajal
However, destiny brings Isha and Ira together once again.
Unaware of their shared past, the duo meet and ultimately
become best friends, as Ira invites RJ Palak (Isha) to her
18th birthday party and Isha finds it awkward that Kajal and
Ira’s birthdays are on the same day.
Everyone is enjoying until the police come and arrest
everyone at the party. Palak doesn’t get arrested because
she is from the radio station and she helps Kajal by saying
that she works there too.
Fate brings Samarth Ojha and Isha together too, when
Samarth who is actually the owner of Mi Radio, disguises as
an intern by the name of PK Gire.
Samarth and Ira are best friends and Ira is in love with
Samarth, She calls him King Kong. Ira still hates Isha and
warns Samarth to never call her name in front of her. But
Samarth’s only wish is to reunite the sisters. He remembers
Isha and the sacrifice Isha made to give Ira a life that she
could not have.
Meanwhile, Revati is fixated upon getting Samarth and Ira
married because of the monitary benefits she will get.
However Ira sees Samarth proposing to Palak(Isha) and is
shattered. Indrani After realising that Palak is none other
than Isha, plans to send Ira to America so that she can
forget about Samarth and also stay away from Isha.
Samarth lies to Isha that Ira is spending her vacation
outside India in Europe and will not be back before a
month’s time. He hopes to use this time to convert Ira’s
hatred for Isha into love, he tries this but in vain. Isha finds
out that Samarth is lying to her and plans to break up with
him and so Samarth tells Isha that her sister Ira is none
other than her best friend, kajal.
Leena jumani as Ira
He tells Isha about Ira’s hatred towards her past, especially
Isha. Isha is shattered, but determined to get Ira back in her
life, however it is too late as Ira leaves for America the next
day. Ultimately, Isha stops Ira from going to America, and
tells her that her best friend Palak is none other than her
own sister, Isha. Ira slaps her hard and walks away.

Isha begs Ira to forget about the past and forgive her.
Ultimately, Ira forgives Isha, and Isha also convinces Indrani
that she does not intend to separate her from her daughter.
Meanwhile, Revati has teamed up with Tanmay, and they
both intend to separate Isha and Samarth. However, Revati
is unaware that Tanmay is actually Tinnu, who loathes Isha
and Samarth for not keeping up to their promise and blames
them for his grim life in the remand home.
Isha also discovers that Ira’s King Kong, whom she was in
love with, is none other than Samarth, and decides to
confront Ira about this. She tells Ira that she plans to break
up with Samarth for her, but Ira convinces Isha that what
she thought was love, was nothing more than an infatuation.
Vipul as Sam
Revati who is planning out ways to separate Isha and
Samarth is confronted by Ira. Ira tells Revati that she still
hates Isha and only forgave her so that she can get closer
to making Isha’s life miserable. Isha and Sam are to be
married and Ira and Revati conjure many plans to stop the
Isha finds out that Ira still hates her and has teamed up
with Revati to prevent her marriage with Samarth. After
confronting Ira, and realising her guess was true, Isha
promises Ira that she will get Ira married to Samarth at any
On the wedding day, Shravan (One of Palak’s fans who is in
love with Isha) plans to get married to Isha at any cost and
disguises as Samarth. As a result, instead of Sam, Ira gets
married to Shravan.
Samarth confronts Shravan and realises that Isha had
betrayed him by sending Ira in her place. Ira on the other
hand believes that Isha intentionally got her married to
Shravan. Samarth marries Isha anyway.
Toral Rasputra as Isha
Shravan and Ira make each other miserable. Ira hates Isha
even more because of the situation she is in, and blames
Isha for it. Ira and Revati still conjure plans to separate
Samarth and Isha after realising that they (Samarth and
Isha) are both only pretending to be married as Sam is still
upset with Isha..
During Karva Chauth, a girl with police officials, enters the
Ojha house and accuses Samarth for molesting her. Isha
forces the girl to confess that Samarth is not guilty. Samarth
forgives Isha. Ira and Revati taunt Isha, but their plans
backfire as Isha gives them a fitting reply. Isha punishes
them for tearing apart her passport, by making them do
household chores.
Ira and Revati are bewildered with Isha’s sudden change in
behaviour. Isha tells Ira that she is aware that Ira had sent
the girl to falsely accuse Samarth of molestation, thereby
undermining his character. She threatens Ira that she will
tell this to everyone. She also warns Revati not to interfere
in her and Sam’s personal lives and threatens that she will
tell everyone that Revati was responsible for burning of
Sanskar orphanage.
Terrified, Revathi gets into a dispute with Isha. Revati
pushes Isha off the terrace. When Ira finds out about this,
Revati threatens to tell everyone that Ira is also responsible
for Isha’s death. Thus, Ira agrees to team up with Revati,
though reluctantly. Gradually, Ira starts missing Isha and
realises her mistakes. Ultimately, Ira and Shravan fall in
Meanwhile, it is revealed that Isha is actually alive, but only
Samarth, Girish, Devki and Daai Maa (shravan’s mother)
know about it. Isha plans to haunt Revathi, and teams up
with other members of the family.
Meanwhile Revati asks Ira to marry Samarth saying that was
always Isha’s wish. Ira reluctantly agrees. But Ira finds out
that Isha is alive and ultimately, Revati is exposed and
A young boy enters the Ojha house, who is later revealed to
be the sisters’ younger half brother, Govinda. Isha and Ira
are reunited with their father. Revati escapes jail and
kidnaps Govinda, but his family saves him. Revati is arrested
again. Govinda draws a picture which he names Chhoti si
Zindagi. And the sisters have their happy ending.


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